Undead Monument Trophy

A detailed Undead Monument trophy! Perfect for wargaming tournaments.

Trophy pictured is "Large" version (miniature not included).

Undead Monument Trophy

  • Product Specification


    Please select a size and colour for the trophy. Each Large version of every trophy has the same base size. This is also true of the Medium and Small size variations, which will allow for matching trophy sizes if you were to purchase all Large / Medium / Small trophy variations..


    Item is supplied assembled and unfinished. If you choose to finish and paint your pieces you may need to acquire normal modelling finishing items like sandpaper, primer (regular or filler primer), and paint.


    The trophy pictured is the "Large" trophy variation. Any miniatures or dice in images are to communicate scale and are not included.




    Due to custom text and variety of colours and sizes we offer, this item is made to order. Please see the shop page for estimated lead times. We will aim to notify you if we believe your order will take longer than the estimated lead time to be posted.


    **Shipping outside the UK


    International buyers assume all import and customs fees.