3x3 Stormguard Terrain Table Bundle

A Table Bundle designed for a 3ft x 3ft board.


Items included:

- Stormguard Ruined Tallsworth Hold

- Stormguard Forward Fort 1

- Stormguard Forward Fort 2

- Stormguard Ruins

- StormguardRuined Corners (without cargo)


Would be £77.50 individually, giving you a saving of £15!


Supplied in unassembled, unpainted, black PLA pieces as per the descriptions on the individual product pages for the items listed above.

3x3 Stormguard Terrain Table Bundle

  • Product Specification


    3D printed in Black PLA (the product in the images is printed in grey PLA to make details more visible). Alternative materials and colours are available upon request, but prices may vary. Please feel free to contact us with your request.


    Items are supplied unassembled and unfinished. If you choose to finish and paint your pieces you may need to acquire normal modelling finishing items like sandpaper, glue, primer (regular or filler primer), and paint.


    28mm scale.


    Any miniatures or dice in images are to communicate scale and are not included.


    Miniatures painted by sawpaintingstudio (Scott Whitefoot)




    While we try to maintain a good level of stock, during high levels of demand, or if you place a large order, some items may need to be made to order. Please see the shop page for estimated lead times. We will aim to notify you if we believe your order will take longer than the estimated lead time to be posted.


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    International buyers assume all import and customs fees.




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